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Glasgow Evening Times - July 2023


Treetop Outdoor Nursery, which is based in Cadder Primary School in Maryhill, was applauded by the Education Scotland team for its “nurturing, respectful and supportive ethos” and staff who have “quickly developed an effective team.”

The report said children at Treetop were “resilient, curious and confident” and added: “They benefit from spending their time outdoors, where they engage fully in their play and learning.”

The inspectors said the ethos of the nursery helped children “to settle, be content and thrive” and added that staff, working with managers, were “keen to continue to develop the nursery, especially outdoors.”

The report also noted: “There is a strong commitment to providing high quality early learning and childcare that helps children achieve.”

One area for improvement was identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Glasgow City Council.

Inspectors said Treetop staff should “continue to develop and embed how children’s learning is planned for and assessed” and added: “This should fully involve children and families and build on what children already know and can do to help them make the best possible progress.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website. Evergreen

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